Each night I stare at the sky
the thousands of twinkling stars
and I imagine you there
dancing among the Moonbeams.

And the tears flow like rain
as I think of the time we were together
I am broken now, lost without you
But I know, the thing that will always connect us
are our Heartstrings

Monday, June 4, 2012

It reminded me of a story

So, I am reading Face Book and see where a friend has posted a picture of hogs being corralled from an overturned truck. Well it reminded me of a story, a little one.

We don't live too far off the highway, a lot of trucks travel this highway, a lot of trucks from south of us carrying veggies to market. So one Sunday, we are sitting on the porch and see a commotion on the highway. DH jumps into his pickup and heads over to see whats up (this is not unusual, there is a slight curve in the road that causes a lot of accidents, the police have asked Bill to help a time or two (or twenty or thirty) to get things cleaned up. The worst was the time that had him looking in the deep ditches for bodies.

I digress, as usual. So he comes up on a truck overturned with cabbage and broccoli spilled all over the place. The driver told Bill that insurance would pay the cost of the lost as these could not be sold since they had dumped. Bill asked what was wrong with them, he said nothing, they just can't be sold. So Bill offers to "clean up the mess".

He came home, got a grain truck, and headed back down to the highway. When he came home, not only was the pickup full of cabbage and broccoli, so was the whole bed of the grain truck. He started calling friends, neighbors and family members to come get some of our loot, while I started blanching and freezing a years generous supply of the vegs. I packed my deep freeze, Bills folk's deep freeze and had huge batches of the green cooking.

One night as we were eating broccoli, like we started doing for most meals, Bill made the comment, he wished a cattle truck would dump, steaks sounded pretty good, or if dairy it would be good to have cheese for the broccoli. Crack me up, next day a cattle truck overturned in the exact same spot as the veggie truck. Alas, they rounded up all the critters, we still had to buy our cheese and steaks.



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