Each night I stare at the sky
the thousands of twinkling stars
and I imagine you there
dancing among the Moonbeams.

And the tears flow like rain
as I think of the time we were together
I am broken now, lost without you
But I know, the thing that will always connect us
are our Heartstrings

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Operation OTP

Friday, being the coldest day of summer so far, we began Operation OTP, open the pool. Now as you may remember last fall was extremely hard on us, and both are missing large blocks of time. Apparently, the cover did not get put on the pool (I don't remember it being open, but of course I lived in Springfield from May - Oct). This lead to the pool being full of leaves, sour water, twigs, and who knows what else.

It is an above ground, and apparently the neighborhood raccoons are having pool parties. I am sure of this due to the large number of muddy paw prints on the deck, the beer cans strewn about, and the number of crawdaddies in the murky water. If they wouldn't drop their food in the water, I would almost put up with them. Of course, they need to learn how to use the freakin STEPS. This poor liner has been patched so many times that we were putting patches on the patches. This is due to the idiotic raccoons who fall in (too much beer) while washing their crawdads, or decide to take a dip to cool off, and try to climb over the side thereby shredding the liner.

So on Friday, Bill, Rase and Ryder spent the day draining the pool, then cutting the old liner out. Pretty much killed the day. So today, Rase, Ryder, Rowdy and their dad, Lance, came out to help Bill put the new liner in. After struggling with the hunk of vinyl for several hours, I am happy to report the new liner is in, sort of. They began filling it with water, and smoothing out wrinkles as they went. The water is somewhere around 5 or 6 inches deep, and they have turned it off for the evening. Lance, Rase and Rowdy went home. Ryder is  again crashing here (here stayed last night also), Rase will be back in the morning and they will continue filling and smoothing. Then the railing will go back on, pump and filter hooked up, and we sit and wait until the water is warm enough to swim. With my fibromyalgia, I can't handle the water until it is about 89 or higher.  I ordered me a new float, and the kids some new noodles and pool toys.  Let Summer Begin!!!!!

Yesterday, Bill and I headed to Evansville to do some shopping (not quite 2 hours away). Other than doctor appointments I haven't left the house since we got back from Vegas. First stop was Wally world, (a real super wal-mart, ours says super but it isn't, heck it is only open from 7:00 am till 9:00 pm, that should be the first clue). So I pick up some odds and ends, then head to groceries to get some things that aren't available here. Bill caught up with me and we checked out. Now I drive the little cart thingy in the store, Bill went to get the gringo (Durango, named by our then 3 yr old Ryder), and I slowly started pushing the cart out. Next thing I know I am sitting on the floor. Landed hard on my ass no less. With the help of 2 ladies I got up, and despite the encouragement from one of the ladies I did not need the manager, nor was I going to sue. Bill pulled up in the truck then so I made it out there. Thought I was ok, but a little while later I started to hurt.

I managed to make it through Sam's, again riding the cart, with Bill. We got the usual along with some liqueur, Kinky, a pretty pink, and 4 bottles of wine, maybe it was 6. Hmm, I got Skinny Girl white sangria (can't have red wine as it triggers migraines), a couple bottles of Moscato, some pink Moscato, and a couple bottles of white. And lets not forget the Stella, I think he had a case of it. Looked like we were going to party. We are. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law will be here Wed till Sunday. They are bringing their youngest, who is just a little older than Rowdy. Ava's birthday is Tue, and his is the following Monday, so we will also have a birthday party Saturday. (please send good energies, prayers, light candles, etc, that I get the little ones next weekend). Oh, almost forgot, I also got a quart jar of cherries canned in Moonshine. Don't know what I will do with them, but hey it is Cherries in MOON SHINE!!! Couldn't pass them up!

We got in early evening and my fun (not) began. I hurt like bloody hell from the fall. It made me nauseous from the pain, so I sat in the truck while Bill ran the rest of his errands and shopped. Anyway, I didn't eat all day, then ate a burger on the way home. Should not have done that. The belly cramps and spasms started, BAD, I took 3 vicoden, 4 Advil pm, 1 visteral, and 20 mg of Baclofen (heavy duty muscle relaxant) over the course of the night. I still got no relief (maybe I should have tried the cherries) and it was after 4:00 this morning before I fell asleep, only to get up again at 7:30 this morning. Spasms are not as intense, but I would still rate them 6 on a scale of 1 - 10. If I would have had insurance I would have gone to the ER. I usually keep Donnetal (belladonna & phenobarbital) for when I have a spell, but it has been long enough I hadn't gotten it refilled. I will be calling the dr tomorrow to get it refilled and hopefully get some relief. I have got to do a major number on the house before Wednesday.

Well kids, that's it for today, I have to see if I have any vicoden left cause spasms are getting worse, I am trying to stay on top of them now. Need to check and see if any more bruises or scrapes have shown up (I look dirty there are so many lol). Did I mention I love my ex-son-in-law? I do, he is great. I wish I could have that kind of relationship with Jon, it would be so much nicer for all of us. I am reading this over and I realize, Raccoons have it out for me. Wonder if they keep in touch with cell or land lines?

Till next time.



  1. You sound so much better! I was laughing so hard over the raccoon story! I had two on my porch once that wouldn't let me come out.
    You sound so happy, which makes me so happy! You know I love you!

  2. Thanks sweets. You make me happier!!!! I have had some weird things happen in my life, I will write them as I remember them. Ya know, this old brain ain't what it used to be.


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