Each night I stare at the sky
the thousands of twinkling stars
and I imagine you there
dancing among the Moonbeams.

And the tears flow like rain
as I think of the time we were together
I am broken now, lost without you
But I know, the thing that will always connect us
are our Heartstrings

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cupcakes, Cookies, Coupons and Kindle Fire

So insomnia AGAIN, which is totally amazing considering the amount/type of meds I am on. I should be knocked out cold!

Tuesday morning I woke up (ok it was really about noon) when I went to set up, excruciating pain went across my lower back. So as I am moaning and groaning (and really had to pee) I managed to get over to the side of the bed. Bill heard me so he came in to see what was up, and he helped me up and to the bathroom then right back to bed. I was guessing a pulled muscle and we agreed I should just rest. I did. It hurt to sit up for more than a few minutes, so bed was it. I had just started on some strong antibiotics for a sinus infection (that I have had for 3 months and has not responded to anything yet), and it kept be creeping to the bathroom a lot. This morning I couldn't take the pain any longer, not even Vicoden (left from when I broke my ribs last spring) would touch it. So I broke down and called my orthopedic dr. I got in but it was a 30 minute ride to hell to see him. So after poking, prodding, tests and x-rays. I have spinal stenosis and a herniated disk between L4 and S1. So now in addition to my regular meds, the abx which I swear is the biggest pill I have ever seen, I now have a steroid (oral), Vicoden and a kick ass muscle relaxant. I feel very little pain, I am dopey as all get out (probably shouldn't be trying to post as I keep messing up) but still awake. Aaaaaaarrrrggggghhhhh

So  my latest passion is cupcakes (also called muffins or tuptakes by the little one), did I mention I made 6 dozen of them for Thanksgiving and came home with none? All from scratch, and the best chocolate one was a recipe I made up (using amounts from other recipes), scratch icing and then used a pastry bag with tip to decorate. They looked awesome and it was my first try at from scratch baking and icing! I was really proud of myself. So now I am in cupcake mode. Thought I would scan through some blogs and see if I could find any about cupcakes. I did. I also found some for cookies, which led to desserts, which led to tea, which finally led to couponing. (Remember I have been awake for a while and in bed, and TV sucks.) So some of the really cool ones (at least to me) I added their button so I could find them again or if interested you could find them. So, that is my cupcakes, cookies and coupons.

The Kindle. I got Bill an HP Touchpad for Christmas, but gave it to him at Thanksgiving so he could start getting used to it. Then my laptop totally died and I haven't had a chance to do anything about it. I started using his touchpad, he had a working laptop so it was only right he share (that and he didn't have a choice unless he wanted to hear me bitch cause I couldn't go online). The touchpad is a nice size, easy to set up and use. I got him a wireless keyboard for it but it is still in the box. So he decided to get me a Kindle Fire, I was really excited waiting on it. When it finally got here I tore open the box and and, was more that a little disappointed. It was small. About half the size of the tablet. Which for me means a small screen to type on, read from, surf the net from. But I decided to give it a chance. The battery holds a charge forever (ok not endless, but I used it for a couple of days before I needed to charge it, the touchpad I had to charge every night, but I was on it a LOT. The touchpad is too big for my purse, but the Fire is small enough it travels in the purse just fine. But what really hooked me on the Fire was its speed, it was much faster than the touchpad, even faster than Bill's laptop, and I am pretty sure it is faster than mine (well than mine was, cause it sure ain't fast now). There are games you can download for both, but because it has the "pinch screen" I can't play my FB games on either one. So, I think I will stick with the Kindle.

Think I will try to sleep now,  maybe I'll dream of "tuptakes".



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